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What sets The Northshore Group apart from other companies?

Just look below and find out. We pride ourselves on conducting a full investigation, not just sitting on surveillance and billing needless hours that do not amount to anything.

*Claimant Interviews

When conducted properly, claimant interviews are particularly effective because insurance vendors are able to obtain current information, make personal observations, obtain photos for identification purposes, document evidence, and get updated forms (Authorization to Obtain Information or an IRS Request for Copy of Tax Return). In the case of a questionable or suspicious claim, the claimant interview is also valuable when the claimant commits to a particular set of facts in a signed or recorded statement. Claimant visits are also an excellent opportunity for investigators to conduct pre-surveillance investigation and evaluate the effectiveness of conducting surveillance in the claimant’s neighborhood if later requested by the insurance company.

*Neighborhood Activity Checks

Neighborhood activity checks basically involve speaking with knowledgeable sources (neighbors) to see what they have to say about the claimant and their activities. In today’s society, a neighbor claiming to know nothing about the claimant may be telling the truth as it is not uncommon to live next door to someone and not even know their name. However, it is important to discuss the use of this technique with our clients first to ensure we understand their philosophy on conducting these types of neighborhood inquiries. Even if approved, investigators should be careful never to divulge personal information, which is specific to the claim file or about the claimant and their condition, which potentially opens the door to invasion of privacy claims.


Surveillance is the next step towards locating fraudulent claims. We feel that after conducting a full investigation and learning as much as possible about a claimant, surveillance can be conducted on a much more efficient level. For example; we might have learned from a claimant interview that there was an office inside his residence, after speaking with neighbors we may have learned that the claimant is indeed working a small business, and what type of business it is. This is information that was easily obtained and now surveillance can be established around this information. What is the end result? We have a client who is pleased not to waste precious funds on needless hours of surveillance.

Northshore Group Guarantees

  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Well trained Investigators
  • Value that meets the need of our clients

" Papillon M. Anderson

Managing Member and Senior Investigator in Charge of the agency. His credited background entails twelve (12) years investigative experience. He also has worked in the Law Enforcement Community in the state of Louisiana. Logged over 14,000 hours of surveillance and is considered an expert in his field. Has a proven track record in courtroom testimony"