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Welcome to The Northshore Group LLC

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We are headquartered in Slidell, Louisiana and provide local, regional & national investigative services.

We are different! What Sets Us Apart?

The Northshore Group provides quality investigative services. Our philosophy is simple; provide a value added service for a reasonable price that meets the needs of our client.

What makes The Northshore Group an industry leader?

  • • Well trained & equipped investigators.
  • • Commercial & proprietary databases containing over 13 billion records.
  • • Knowing that we are only as good as our last assignment.

What we offer

Investigative and legal services

Here is a list of just some of the services we offer:

Legal Investigations
Locating Individuals
Process Service
Background Check
Court Searches
Location Service
Criminal Records
and so much more!

Legal help

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" Papillon M. Anderson

Managing Member and Senior Private Investigator in Charge of the agency. His credited background entails twelve (12) years investigative experience. He also has worked in the Law Enforcement Community in the state of Louisiana. Logged over 14,000 hours of surveillance and is considered an expert in his field. Has a proven track record in courtroom testimony"